Meet Your Instructor

Jamila Watson

Senior instructor

I love family time, dancing, sci-fi and superhero movies, fruits snacks, events of all kinds, and helping others grow their businesses. I'm so excited you're here!

Allow me to start by telling you a story...

I knew that I needed to make changes in my business. I loved planning parties but at the end of the day I wasn't making any money and was sometimes even in the negative. To say I was feeling frustrated is an understatement.

Not charging correctly wasn't my only problem. I was also trying to offer all types of services. I wanted to help everyone no matter what their budget was. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on any potential clients, but it was still so exhausting.

I also didn't have any processes in my business so it took longer to help my clients.  I was a "1 person show" and it became harder to keep up with my clients.

Does this sound familiar? Then I made the decision that changed my career. I had to take accountability for the mistakes I made in my business. I had to find a way to run a more successful business instead of a hobby business.

This course is designed to be just that...

a roadmap to get you where you want and what you want.

Welcome to The Party Planner Accelerator

The Party Planner Accelerator

APRIL 25TH - APRIL 27TH, 2022


Learn now to create a thriving business

During our live online workshop

Imagine if...

You were able to build a successful planning company

  • ...even if you don't know where to start

  • …even if you're not sure what you need to do

  • ...even if you're feeling completely overwhelmed

Well, that's exactly what you can do in my live workshop:

By the end of this course...

You will be able to

  • Identify and speak to your target market so you are attracting your ideal customer.

  • Price your services so that you are profitable and have a sustainable business

  • Learn proven systems and processes that will help your business run efficiently.


What you will learn in The Party Planner Accelerator

  • Module 1- How it all started, the Parties On Purpose story

  • Module 2- Setting up for success, quick overview

  • Module 3- Your services

  • Module 4- Finding your target market

  • Module 5- Marketing your business

  • Module 6- Pricing your services

  • Module 7- Systems

  • Module 8- Customer services and legacy clients

  • Module 9- When things go wrong

  • Module 10- Top planning tips/Resources

Learn the systems you need

to build a solid foundation in your business

But wait - there's more! I've got a few bonuses for you

  • The client journey/case study

    $350 value

    When I first started, learning step-by-step how an event planner planned a successful event was invaluable and foundational. That's why as bonus material, we are using a real event as a case study. We'll talk about the first initial client contact, to the day of the event. In addition to learning how to host an event and manage vendors, you will learn what it means to give a client top-notch customer service.

  • The Party Planner Accelerator Workbook

    $250 value

    The Party Planner Accelerator workbook contains content from each module and areas for you to write down your ideas and take notes.

  • The Party Planner Accelerator templates

    $100 value

    Receive the business templates that we use in our party planning business.

This course is...

Packed with step-by-step training, time-saving processes and helpful resources.  This online workshop will kick-start or improve your planning business.

Three day workshop

Course Framework

    1. The Party Planner Accelerator 10am-12:30pm (Modules 1-5)

    1. The Party Planner Accelerator 10-12:30pm (Modules 6-10)

    1. The Party Planner Accelerator 10-11:30am (Recap and questions)

  • $898.00
  • Payment plan available

Workshop payment options

2 convenient was to pay!

Learn how to create

great experiences for your clients

The tools needed to run a successful business are now part of my repertoire.

You could have the same, too!

Got questions?

  • Who was this live online workshop created for?

    This course is perfect for party planners that are new to the industry and planners that have been in the industry for up to 3 years and would like to grow their businesses. This training is for people that are willing to put in the work so that they can create a business they love.

  • What if I can't afford the course right now?

    Completely understand. Taking a leap and investing in yourself is a huge decision. All I can say is that when I invested in myself, things turned around for me. I will teach what worked in our business and how you can use them in your business. These are proven steps that has helped us to scale our event planning business.

  • What are your different payment options?

    The introductory pricing for The Party Planner Accelerator is one payment of $895 or 2 payments of $449. Prices will go up after the introductory period ends.

  • I'm so busy - will I have time to get results?

    The course is structured so that you can implement the strategies into your business right away. The workshop is broken down into small, implementable steps that make it easy to digest. Not available on the day of the workshop? You will have access to the recording for 30 days. A link to the recording will be sent each day after the workshop.

  • What is the format of the training?

    The training will be a live online workshop. You will receive a link the day before the start of the live online workshop. Please log in a few minutes early, and have your coffee, water, or tea ready to go! Day 1 and 2 will start at 10 am and will go to approximately 12:30 pm. Day 3 will be from 10 am to 11:30 am. The length of the training may vary.

  • What happens after I register?

    You will receive a confirmation email showing that you are registered for The Party Planner Accelerator on April 25th, 26th, and 27th. The course workbook will be sent to you on April 24th. You can print the workbook or use it after the workshop as a reference. Can't wait to see you on April 25th.

  • Can I contact you directly about the workshop?

    Do you have a question about The Party Planner Accelerator? We'd love to hear from you. Email us at and we'd be happy to answer your questions.

We hope to see you in our live workshop

April 25th-27th

Now is the time to take that next step and invest in your future.

  • You'll learn in a supportive community of bad ass party planners.
  • You'll receive actionable steps to giving the best customer service, planning parties that clients can't stop talking about and more!
  • You'll learn how to create processes that you can use with every client.

Contact Us!

Do you have any questions about The Party Planner Accelerator?

Please feel free to email us at!

Tickets go on sale on April 4th!  We can't wait to see you for our live online workshop on April 25th, April 26th and April 27th.